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Ford's F-150 Earns its Police Badge

Ford is a dominant producer of police vehicles in the United States, producing a majority of the most popular cars used by law enforcement. Hoping to further its goals in that market, the auto maker has now announced the F-150 Police Responder. A new police truck variant of the soon-to-release 2018 Ford F-150, the Police Responder will modify the civilian design to include a collection of must-have police tools.

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2017 Ford Fusion Charms Critics

We here at Sale Ford of Kinston have nothing but love for the 2017 Fusion, our esteemed American automaker's midsize sedan. We think it's truly one of the best in the biz.

And, as it turns out, we're not the only ones who feel like we do.

It seems Managing Editor Jodi Lai is quite keen on it, too. Check out her evaluation of the Fusion right here:

Though most shoppers are bound to find the Fusion's 175-horsepower entry-level engine plenty capable, others still will want something with a bit more brawn.

And that…

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Ford Expedition vs. Ford F-150


For the 2018 model year, the Ford Expedition is getting a full redesign. Many of the changes make this full-size SUV, which has been struggling with sales, strongly resemble the Ford F-150, America's best-selling vehicle. Both models use a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine, and both use aluminum to reduce weight.

Does the Expedition SUV make more sense for your family than the F-150 pickup?


The tow rating of the redesigned Expedition will…

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The Road Trip To Paradise

The hot summer months are peaking around the corner. Nothing compliments the long sunny days more than an all American road trip. Taking a little extra time to do some pre-planning can make a huge difference between a stressful getaway and vacation paradise. Here are a few tips for making your road trip a smooth ride.

1) Map it out-- Having a general idea of the roads you will follow can help to plan the much needed stops along the way. Looking over a map will show you which sights you might want to check out, how far in between…
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Knowing When a Car Battery Needs Replacing

Your car battery is an essential part of keeping your engine running. Without the battery any vehicle is basically unusable. The car battery’s role is to provide a power source to all electrical components. The primary role is with providing a power source for starting your car.

Your battery should receive maintenance just like every other mechanical part of your car. It needs to be routinely cleaned and tested. A battery can sometimes give you certain indicators that it’s going bad. If you notice that your car is slow to start, or the lights start to dim when…
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3 Tips to Arrive Alive!

Often we have a busy schedule and we don't sit down and think about how unsafe we are being while traveling on the roads. If we stop and think for one moment, I bet we could all come up with a few tips to arrive alive! Here are some of mine:

Set radio and other things before leaving - Before you leave your driveway, go ahead and set your radio up, as well as anything else you need to get set for the ride.

Do not obstruct your ears - Sometimes I see people driving with earbuds in their ears, try…
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3 Fuel-Saving Tips Every Driver Should Know

The cost of fuel has of recent stagnated but still running a car remains a huge cost. Here are four tips that would save you money.

Avoid driving in the rush hours

Traveling during rush hours is the most expensive drive especially when stuck in traffic jam. The idea behind this fact is that every time you stop and move in traffic your car wastes a lot of fuel changing fuels.

Shut the windows

Closing the windows makes the car to run in a streamlined way, reducing the drag. By doing this way, you reduce the cars efforts thus lessen…
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What To Put In Your Roadside Emergency Kit?

Safety is an important aspect of driving. There are many ways to be safe when driving and one way is to be prepared in case of an accident or emergency. Having a roadside emergency kit is one way to be prepared in case of an accident or emergency. Here are some things you can keep in your kit.

A pair of jumper cables are something that you should keep in your kit. Not only are they useful for you but you can use them in case you find a driver on the road who needs a jump. Having this helpful…
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2017 Ford Focus

Do you want to buy a car this year? If so, you need to work with a company that will take care of all of your needs. A lot of people today are worried about their finances and how they will afford a car. We can work with you on a payment plan that makes sense with your financial needs. Many people today are excited about the changes that we are making to our financing plans. We are going to be able to help a lot of people in the local area who are trying to afford a new car…
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