The Ford C-Max Hybrid is Powerful

As one of the most popular hybrids manufactured today, the Ford C-Max hybrid is an excellent choice for power, strength and economical features. Drivers want more from their hybrids today, and the Ford C-Max delivers. Reaching speeds of up to 85 miles an hour on electric power alone, this is a hybrid to consider when you love power.

The regenerative braking and brake coach feature provides you with more power that is harnessed from your brakes when they are used. The EcoSelect button allows you to choose to run your car more efficiently, saving you power and gas as you are driving down the road.

Take a Ford C-Max out for a test drive today by visiting us at Sale Ford of Kinston. When you take one out for a ride, you will learn why hybrid lovers have chosen the Ford C-Max hybrid and it has become the hybrid of choice for many drivers.




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