Ford Edge Comes Equipped with Plenty of Technology Features

If you are wondering what makes the Ford Edge a popular midsize SUV, have a closer look at some of these unique technology and safety features.

If the driver of the Edge gets distracted or is driving while tires, the minute the vehicle drifts out of the driving lanes, the Lane-Keeping System will kick into gear. The steering wheel will continue to vibrate until the driver takes corrective action and gets the car back in the middle of the driving lane.

Driving the new Ford Edge in reverse is safer too, thanks to the Cross-Traffic Alert system. This unique technology feature gets activated once the vehicle is put in reverse. If any vehicles are within a certain range, the Edge alerts the driver to hold until clear, they proceed with caution.

Take the Ford Edge for a test drive at Sale Ford of Kinston so you can see these technology features working in action.




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