With the Ford Fusion a hit for its new exterior design and interior space, it’s no wonder that Ford decided to come out with an eco-friendly model called the Fusion Energi. This latest hybrid runs on a lithium ion battery and a 2.0-liter Atkinson four-cylinder engine. With the use of SmartGauge with EcoGuide, drivers know exactly when they are running out of juice, and you can monitor your fuel efficiency if you want to squeeze every last bit of fuel or electricity before switching over.

The Ford Fusion Energi values comfort, convenience, and fuel efficiency over a big engine. You won’t have to deal with a gas-guzzling sedan. While the Energi is quite large, it gets great gas mileage in its electrical and gas motor forms. For example, you’ll get over 95 mpg with the hybrid motor and over 40 mpg with the traditional gas engine. There are also different modes to monitor your performance, such as Empower and Engage that you can view through the dual LCD panels.

Ford offers one of the best eco-friendly sedans on the market with the Energi. Want to take it for a test spin? You should head to Sale Ford of Kinston for the best deals and service.



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